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High Frequency Circuit Card Fabrication & Assemblage Partners in Asia

OurPCB Tech Limited(www.ourpcbte.com) was founded in 2005, We have provided a professional Printed circuit board & PCB Assembly services for more than 2,500 customers around the globel. source High Frequency Circuit Card Fabrication & Assemblage Partners in Asia Asia Pacific Circuits – Turnkey service for Printed Circuit Board Assemblage & Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Source […]

How to design a PCB to case/enclosure: BitBox OnShape modelling electronics.. can link to 3D Printer

Avoid expensive mistakes when fitting PCB/controls into your product enclosure. Design Engineers at http://www.BitBox.co.uk can access powerful modelling tools that can import your PCB space model, for professional result first time! Here we can use pro tools like Cadence Allegro to design your PCB layout and we import space models and board features/mountings easily into […]

PCB Design Software Training – Altium Designer Testimonials

Our Altium Basic Level Training have enabled trainee to create a simple PCB Board Design. “What i have learnt in this three days of training is quite efficient in helping my students in the upcoming world skills competition.” – Cheng Chee Keong , Ngee Ann Polytechnic Technical Officer http://www.pcb-graphtech.com.sg source

EMC LIVE 2014 – Simulation of PCB Emissions

Simulation can answer fundamental design questions early in the design process long before a prototype is available, and helps identify possible and unforeseen coupling paths that are inaccessible by measurements. This webinar will present simulation workflows tailored for EMC, coupling 3D and circuit methods. The comparability of simulation and measurement will also be discussed, using […]

Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) – 02: PCB Design: Creating a DipTrace Footprint Pattern

Creating a pattern for a component is a step has to be done once if it does have a non standard pattern like for the U-shaped HM-10. Since this part already had 13 minutes I had to split the video into two parts. See it like a tutorial.. it’s quite useful. source

Simplifying the PCB and Package Design Workflow

Through effective high speed PCB/package co-design solutions, the CST and Cadence partnership brings design engineers closer to fast and efficient workflows by addressing issues relating to package complexity, complex EM behaviors, and accurate characterization. The webinar presents two workflows; the “EM-centric approach”, which focuses on the full wave environment, and the “EDA-centric approach”, which allows […]

Creating Different PCB Layers In KiCad

How to add more than 2 layers to your design, how to route signals on all layers, how to switch between layers and how to customize hot keys to make the switching easy. Software version: BZR4004 on Windows For more information about KiCad: http://kicad.info To discuss KiCad and ask questions: https://forum.kicad.info To learn more about […]

Proteus Tutorial : Getting Started with Proteus PCB Design (Updated)

This video shows how to create a simple PCB in Proteus Design Suite from schematic capture through to completion. source