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LED Light PCB Fab + Assembly Manufacturers in Asia

Qualified and Dependable PCB & PCBA Producer in China http://www.mokotechnology.com/ As a leading PCB board manufacturer and PCB board assembly firm providing premium quality printed circuit board assy, we mostly center on PCB-Assembly & PCB manufacturing, and have our own PCB board production lines. We now have 25 years of electronic contract manufacturing expertise and […]

pcb layout

Qmax systems offer a range of services with a very strong focus on PCB design. Our services offerings are designed to function with minimal customer involvement and the process ensures high quality and on time delivery. We provide a flexible business and delivery models for clients and have been a design house of choice for […]

SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS SMS Development Board With GPS PCB Antenna For Arduino

LINK PRODUCT DETAILS: https://www.banggood.com/SIM5320E-3G-Module-GSM-GPRS-SMS-Development-Board-With-GPS-PCB-Antenna-For-Arduino-p-1067857.html?p=BH100011313440201706 SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS SMS Development Board With GPS PCB Antenna For Arduino —————————- MORE DETAILS BELOW —————————- SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS SMS Development Board With GPS PCB Antenna For Arduino More detail- Click to open Program provided- 1 Send a Chinese message 2 Send a English message 3 […]

Using a Split Ring Resonator to harvest RF energy from a PCB transmission line.

This video shows the operation of a Split Ring Resonator used to harvest RF energy from a PCB Transmission Line. Various designs are employed to test their effectiveness and efficiency for harvesting RF energy. source

How to Characterize and Optimize Connector-to-Board Transition Designs

To download the project files referred to in this video visit: http://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-how-to-transitions To apply for free trial of EMPro visit: http://www.keysight.com/find/mytrial.em.sm SMA connectors are frequently used interconnects in high frequency and high speed PCB designs. Optimizing the transition performance is a critical design factor in delivering high performance systems. In this video, we will show […]

EMC LIVE 2014 – Simulation of PCB Emissions

Simulation can answer fundamental design questions early in the design process long before a prototype is available, and helps identify possible and unforeseen coupling paths that are inaccessible by measurements. This webinar will present simulation workflows tailored for EMC, coupling 3D and circuit methods. The comparability of simulation and measurement will also be discussed, using […]