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Qmax systems offer a range of services with a very strong focus on PCB design. Our services offerings are designed to function with minimal customer involvement and the process ensures high quality and on time delivery. We provide a flexible business and delivery models for clients and have been a design house of choice for […]

SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS SMS Development Board With GPS PCB Antenna For Arduino

LINK PRODUCT DETAILS: SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS SMS Development Board With GPS PCB Antenna For Arduino —————————- MORE DETAILS BELOW —————————- SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS SMS Development Board With GPS PCB Antenna For Arduino More detail- Click to open Program provided- 1 Send a Chinese message 2 Send a English message 3 […]

CMSV-TOCS: Jason Lohn 2012-01-31

Evolving Antenna Systems: Strange yet High-performance AI Designs Current methods of designing and optimizing antennas by hand are time and labor intensive, limit complexity, and require significant expertise and experience. AI search algorithms can overcome these limitations by automatically searching the design space and finding effective solutions that are closer to limits imposed by physics. […]

S-Parameters: Microwave goes Mainstream for High-Speed PCB Design Taken from a blog post by John Berrie, High-Speed Design Consultant at Zuken. For full details and context of this movie, visit the Zuken Blog. This movie illustrates a two-port network — it could be a connector or a filter — and this is what happens to a sine wave at just one […]

Using a Split Ring Resonator to harvest RF energy from a PCB transmission line.

This video shows the operation of a Split Ring Resonator used to harvest RF energy from a PCB Transmission Line. Various designs are employed to test their effectiveness and efficiency for harvesting RF energy. source

Transferring RF Circuits – ADS/Cadence Allegro Integration

This video will show how to synchronize the packaged parts libraries between the Allegro PCB environment and ADS. With a few button clicks you can take selected corporate standard parts defined in Allegro, and translate them to ADS, preserving all the properties and part information, insuring that your designs in ADS will use symbols, footprints, […]

Long Range Yagi Antenna 19 Element 2 4GHz

Yagi Antenna 19 Element (Yagi in a drainpipe)! Easy build Yagi that gives at least 15dbi. A long range antenna for 2.4 ghz wifi 802.11 b/g/n frequencies. Yagi antennas exhibit a narrow beamwidth and high front to back ratios to help minimise any potential interference to and from other systems. Templates : source

How to design a PCB to case/enclosure: BitBox OnShape modelling electronics.. can link to 3D Printer

Avoid expensive mistakes when fitting PCB/controls into your product enclosure. Design Engineers at can access powerful modelling tools that can import your PCB space model, for professional result first time! Here we can use pro tools like Cadence Allegro to design your PCB layout and we import space models and board features/mountings easily into […]