Service Stampings, Inc. is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at

Need Short run stampings? Quantity is not the thing you should look for, tooling is. Service Stampings’ Tool & Die services ensure the success of your precision stamping projects because they:
• Are Cost-Efficient
• Manufacture Parts That Are Precision-Built
• Provide Free Tool & Die Insert Storage and Maintenance
• Offer Complete In-House Tool & Die Capabilities
• Offer a One Time Only, NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) Fee

Large or Small Parts Can Be Pierced, Formed, Drawn, Extruded, Marked, and More!

Part of the quality Service Stampings delivers for short-run stamping projects is their ability to manufacture the piece you need in exactly the way you need it done. Whether your project requires piercing, forming, drawing, etching, marking, or other specific requirements, Service Stampings can meet your manufacturing requirements.

Through the use of quick-change inserts, standard dies, single-station fixtures, and know-how gained from over fifty years of precision stamping experience, they can provide both the high quality you require along with a reduction of costs by as much as 85% when compared to conventional methods.

Precision-built tooling is manufactured to make sure your parts and assemblies meet or exceed your most critical performance requirements and hold tight tolerances.

Free Tooling & Die Insert Storage and Maintenance
They make reordering easy, quick, and cost-effective. For the lifetime of your part or assembly, they will provide tooling & die insert storage and maintenance services at no additional charge.


Complete Electronic Circuit Board Service Summary

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Electronic Circuit Boards are described simply as thin, hard surfaces made up of printed electronic circuits.

Yet, Mokotech knows that what circuit cards do is seldom simple. They are the heart of your devices.

Mokotech allows for prime quality electronic circuit schematic design and fabricating of custom made circuit cards. Our further services can consist of plastic and rubber molding, metal fabrication, packaging, assembly and turn-key product solutions.

As a prominent manufacturer of circuit cards , copper flex circuits (FCP), flexible boards designed for versatility in product design and operation, and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), Mokotech can provide the experience that you need for your product development.

Mokotech’s full-service electronic services deliver highly seasoned engineering teams with the working experience required to take products from the theory phase to final realization.

Mokotech also manufactures box-builds, integrated systems design determined by your product’s needs and stage of development.

Meeting customer needs with ideal resources and working team, Mokotech suits low to high volume production services for circuit card assembly services in China.

Electronic Circuit Board Assembly and Manufacturing


As being a full-service, turnkey manufacturer of circuit cards for customer, industrial and agricultural clients, Mokotech offers full-contract fabricating services to gracefully proceed your product from theory to production.

Mokotech gives complete mechanical engineering services and turnkey assembly abilities, supporting from design and layout to testing to production.

Mokotech’s experience of making low-volume quantities or prototypes provides buyer with flexibility, motivating innovation of new customer products.

Our modern domestic and Chinese engineering teams possess a wide range of practical knowledge, permitting us to render entire contract fabricating. Mokotech can create single-sided, double-sided as well as multi-layer circuit cards to fit your needs. Mokotech also works jointly with a couple of domestic engineering companies for extra level and range of our services.

Our abilities are huge and diversified. Coupled with electronic manufacturing services, Mokotech equally offers HDI, complex SMT (surface mount technology where parts are located outside the circuit card); In-circuit testing (ICT); functional testing (FT); burn-in; RoHS lead-free testing; and SPC and Process Control Systems.

Mokotech is accredited in ISO 9001 and works jointly with external companions qualified in ISO 14001, TS 16949, QS9000 and BABT.

Read additional information on Mokotech’s PCBA, box-builds and lots of other abilities from

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