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This amazing technology will grow your parts!
Electroforming is a method to produce metal parts by precise deposition of metals onto patterned substrates. Its uniqueness is that you can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing absolute accuracy and high aspect ratios.

Its an additive manufacturing process!

Once you’ve discovered the benefits of electroforming, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. What if you could produce, atom by atom, stress- and burr-free precision metal parts with micron scale accuracy? It would give you the opportunity to raise the bar on precision, tolerance, cost-effectiveness and the capability to withstand higher temperatures.
Key benefits:

Additive manufacturing process (atom by atom)
High aspect ratio
Accurate hole size
Micron sized holes
Non clogging holes
Burr and stress free
Sharp edges
Straight side walls
Highly cost effective method for prototyping, small and (very) large series


Encoder disks
sugar screen
ink jet nozzle plates
solar cell stencils
lead frames
shaver foils
and so much more….

Electroforming is an additive manufacturing process specialized for the production of high precision metal parts. Its uniqueness is that you can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing accurate and high aspect ratios. An electrolytic bath is used in this process to deposit metal (nickel, gold, copper) onto a conductive patterned surface; this can be steel or glass. The electroformed part can be harvested from the mandrel, once the material is plated in the desired thickness.

The electroforming process allows extreme precise duplication of the mandrel. The high resolution of the conductive patterned substrate allows finer geometries, tighter tolerances and superior edge definition. This results in perfect process control, high quality production and very high repeatability. This makes electroforming perfect suitable for low cost production and high volumes.
Additional services

Surface finishing and plating.

With our own on-site world class plating facility we can further provide a full plating and metal finishing service: Gold plating, Silver Plating, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Tin (Bright or Matt), Anodising and Blackening are a few of the services we provide. Call us to discuss your needs.
In-house forming and assembly service.

Forming and assembly services available include doming, punching, framing and bending. Examples of the services are framed test sieves, pressure leaf filters and RFI shielding components for the electronics industry.


Complete Circuit Board Service Overview

turn-key pcb-china-40

Circuit Boards are outlined simply as thin, hard surfaces made up of printed electronic circuits.

But Mokotech recognises that what PWBs do is not really simple. They’re the core of your devices.

Mokotech allows for high quality electronic circuit schematic design and production of tailor-made PWBs. Our other services encompass plastic and rubber molding, metal fabrication, packaging, assembly and turn-key product solutions.

As a top rated maker of PWBs , copper flex circuits (FCP), flexible boards designed for versatility in product design and operation, and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), Mokotech can supply the expertise you desire for your product development.

Mokotech’s full-service electronic services provide strongly qualified engineering groups with the experience necessary to take products from the concept stage to full realization.

Mokotech furthermore manufactures box-builds, integrated systems design determined by your product’s requirements and stage of development.

Meeting customer needs with top notch resources and staffing, Mokotech fits low to high volume manufacturing services for PWB assembly services in China.

Circuit Board Assembly and Manufacturing


As being a full-service, turnkey maker of PWBs for consumer, industrial and agricultural clientele, Mokotech delivers full-contract manufacturing services to quickly proceed your product from idea to production.

Mokotech gives you full mechanical engineering services and turnkey assembly abilities, supporting from design to testing to production.

Mokotech’s experience in manufacturing low-volume quantities or prototypes provides buyer with flexibility, allowing for improvement of new consumer products.

Our creative domestic and Chinese engineering teams possess a wide range of expertise, which allows us to make available full contract manufacturing. Mokotech can manufacture single-sided, double-sided plus multi-layer PWBs to match your needs. Mokotech also works in concert with quite a few national engineering firms for added level and range of our services.

Our expertise are considerable and diversified. Apart from electronic manufacturing services, Mokotech also provides high-density, complex SMT (surface mount technology where parts are located upon the PWB); In-circuit testing (ICT); functional testing (FT); burn-in; RoHS lead-free testing; and SPC and Process Control Systems.

Mokotech is certified in ISO 9001 and works in concert with external partners certified in ISO 14001, TS 16949, QS9000 and BABT.

Learn more about Mokotech’s PCBA, box-builds plus a lot of other abilities through

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