Avoid expensive mistakes when fitting PCB/controls into your product enclosure. Design Engineers at http://www.BitBox.co.uk can access powerful modelling tools that can import your PCB space model, for professional result first time!
Here we can use pro tools like Cadence Allegro to design your PCB layout and we import space models and board features/mountings easily into 3D mechanical modelling tools. This is one of a number of engineering good practices we use to ensure we build your product the way your customers want it, without wasting your time and money.
We can also export parts of the mechanical model to 3D printer easily if we want to double-check mechanical steps to assembly. Export to SolidWorks is another route open.
See more of our videos here on our Channel and discover our all-UK product solutions and design capabilities at http://www.bitbox.co.uk/design-services/electronic-design-services/.


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