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A one transistor FM Transmitter is born.
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This FM Bug Transmitter is very easy to build
and get working.

Its a very simple design with not many parts.

In this video i will show you how to make a
very stable one transistor FM Transmitter.

Frequency range: 88Mhz -108Mhz

Power consumption ONLY:14mA at 9v

Transmission range: Over 700ft

Parts List:
Capacitors :

Capacitor:1nf x 4
Capacitor:4.7uf x3
Resistors :
Resistor: 100R
Resistor:22k x2
Resistor:47k x2
Transistor: 2n3904 and many others will work.
Audio input connector
Antenna wire: 67CM or 165cm for better range.
L1: Coil: 5 turn .5mm wire
battery clip
Home made Circuit board (See Video)

Music written by Tom Cusack
Composer — Tom Cusack
Music from www.freemusicforvideos.com


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