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Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects 2016

Click here to subscribe for more top 5’s Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects Get Your raspberry Pi from Amazon! Get discounted Games, Memberships, and more from G2A Follow Best Top 5s on Twitter! Tweets by ArchivesNetwork 1 Xbox Zero The Raspberry Pi Zero is so small that it could fit into just […]

Antenna Design Using Fully Integrated 3D EM in ADS

Learn how EMPro completely integrates 3D EM simulation and ADS circuit simulation. Don’t waste time exporting designs to stand-alone 3D EM tools; simulate them directly in ADS! This video shows how design engineers can create parameterized 3D components in EMPro, then simulate them with 3D EM in Advanced Design System (ADS) as part of a […]

3D printed contactless payment ring – A tutorial on NFC antenna coil design

In this video I talk about NFC antenna coil design and how I applied the concepts to put my contactless payment card into a 3d printed wearable ring. References: NFC TagInfo Android App by NXP Coil inductance calculator: LC resonance frequency calculator: PCB NFC antenna design tool by ST: Some application […]

new NFC gadget reveals simple PCB antenna design – designed by BitBox Ltd.

You can see the NFC rectangular antenna loop in this very short clip – it operates at 13.56 MHz. Our NFC also supports re-programming on products… Cunningly on transmit, the ‘tag’ end doesn’t send out any RF – instead it changes its load on the ‘device’ end, sucking energy out in digital bursts, so […]

4.1 Antenna Basics

This video was made for a junior electromagnetics course in electrical engineering at Bucknell University, USA. The video is designed to be used as the out-of-the-classroom component and combined with active learning exercises in class. This video covers some vary basic facts about antennas, or devices that are designed to couple electrical energy from circuits […]

Build a long range Wi-Fi repeater

Build a long range Wi-Fi repeater I needed to get a wireless internet connection into my workshop. I used a TP Link TL-WR702N in repeater mode and upgraded the antennas to achieve much better range. Not only can I now connect with my laptop. I can also connect with my phone. Links: […]