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Flex Circuit Board And OLED Display Screen Supposed In New iPhone 8

Reports point out that Apple has contracted out Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Interflex to manufacture flexible printed circuit boards for the next generation of the iPhone. FPCBs are basically flex circuit boards. Manufacturing is predicted to get started either in Apr. or in May in 2017.

Aside from the brand newprinted circuit boards, the new iPhone is additionally anticipated to highlight an OLED display screen. Reports claim that around 40Percent of the approaching iPhone will be shipped with an OLED display screen. This comprises units totaling to about 60 , 000, 000. And after 2018, all iPhones will feature OLED screens.

Production proportion not specified yet

While the proportion of production that will be designated to each and every supplier is actually not determined, the expectation is that Samsung Electro-Mechanic will likely be given a smaller figure since it has a limited production capability as compared with Interflex. Currently, the supplier has a floor space of around 90 Thousand square meters while Interflex had a space on the floor of about 220,000 square meters when the capacity at its manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Vietnam and China is combined. Aside from that, Interflex is believed to be planning on investing at least $80 mil in increasing capacity at a fresh new facility.

Aside from OLED displays and FPCBs, additional features that are rumored to arrive with the latest iPhone feature a 3D-sensing tech, iris scanner and wire-less charging. And mainly because of the expense incurred with the new features and the fact that it will be a bigger refresh than has been the case in the past couple of years, a special edition of the upcoming iPhone is predicted to be the more expensive ever in the smartphone’s 10-year history. Sources suggest that the mobile phone could cost up to $1,000.

iPhone’s sticky effect

While other makers of consumer products would be reluctant to shove prices higher for the fear of putting off buyers, Apple has nothing to worry about if current trends are anything to go by. The gross sales of Apple’s latest mobile phone model have started picking steam even though they were at first lackluster. The downturn in recent years has been associated with the truth that Apple hasn’t had a leading iPhone upgrading for too long. It means that if all the reported different features manifest, Apple is almost guaranteed of an complete champ this time round.

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