IBE GROUP is a professional Electronic Contract Manufacturer, specializing in turn-key solution including electronic design and PCB layout, PCB fabrication, SMT and Assembly, parts sourcing, prototyping & testing, logistics and other value-added services.

There are 3 factories under IBE GROUP – 2 PCB factories from prototype, medium
volume to high volume production and 1 PCBA factory.
The products are applied to energy/metering, medical care,consumer electronics, game devices,telecom, led lamp and automotive industry.

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C:1 503 851 2894


Complete PCB Board Service Brief Summary

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PCB Boards are explained simply as thin, hard surfaces filled with printed electronic circuits.

However, Mokotech knows that what PWBs do is not really simple. They’re the soul of your electronic products.

Mokotech offers outstanding electronic circuit schematic design and producing of made-to-order PWBs. Our other services incorporate plastic and rubber molding, metal fabrication, packaging, assembly and entire product solutions.

As a prime vendor of PWBs , copper flex circuits (FCP), flexible boards designed for versatility in product design and operation, and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), Mokotech can supply the expertise that you need for your product development.

Mokotech’s full-service electronic services offer extremely expert engineering teams with the experience required to bring products from the thought stage to eventual realization.

Mokotech even manufactures box-builds, integrated systems design according to your product’s demands and stage of development.

Matching buyer wants with best resources and staffing, Mokotech accommodates low and high volume production services for PWB assembly services in China.

PCB Board Assembly and Fabrication


As being a full-service, turn-key producer of PWBs for buyer, industrial and agricultural consumers, Mokotech provides full-contract manufacturing services to easily shift your product from idea to production.

Mokotech presents extensive mechanical engineering services and even turnkey assembly capabilities, aiding from design and layout to testing to production.

Mokotech’s experience of making low-volume quantities or prototypes provides purchaser with convenience, empowering innovation of new customer products.

Our inventive domestic and Chinese engineering teams have a wide variety of expertise, allowing us to present full contract manufacturing. Mokotech can create single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PWBs to match your wants. Mokotech equally works with a few domestic engineering enterprises for added degree and range of our services.

Our expertise are wide and diversified. As well as electronic manufacturing services, Mokotech even offers high-density, advanced SMT (surface mount technology where elements are located outside the PWB); In-circuit testing (ICT); functional testing (FT); burn-in; RoHS lead-free testing; and SPC and Process Control Systems.

Mokotech is certified in ISO 9001 and works in concert with outside companions certified in ISO 14001, TS 16949, QS9000 and also BABT.

Read more about Mokotech’s PCB’A, box-builds as well as a number of other capabilities with the aid of https://www.mokotechnology.cn.

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